The Beasts are a faction in Armies of Exigo.

They are an alliance of humanoid beast men, saurian people, goblins and demons.

They home is the Howling Plains?.

Their units are mainly tailored for melee combat.

The buildings of the Beasts are crudely knocked up wooden structures, the only exceptions being the saurian buildings that are made of artfully carved stone.

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Characteristics Edit

They have no possibility to heal their units for free

They have the most powerful defensive structure (Totem)

Their units collect experience individually and receive bonuses for hitpoints and damage after levelling up. It is also de facto impossible to lose experienced units as they can be revived on the Revive Altar.

Repairing buildings doesn't cost any resources. There is a snag, however. The hitpoints are not simply replenished but instead, the number is slowly averaged between the remaining and the maximum hitpoints, i.e. when repairing, the maximum hitpoints drop as the actual hitpoints rise. So, after every repair, the building becomes weaker.