Black Marsh is the 10th mission in the Fallen Campaign.

Plot Edit

Vangarath fights his way through the lands of the Lizardmen towards the Second Seal.

Quests Edit

  • Quest for the Second Seal
    • Find and kill the Lizardman High Priest
    • Vangarath must survive
    • Find the key in the swamp labyrinth
    • Guide Vangarath to the Second Seal
    • Destroy the Serpent Obelisk

Hints Edit

This mission introduces the Lizardmen as an independent faction. They only have Striders, Wyverns and Warlocks in the army (Which is why every army needs at least one Seeker).

To the south, there is a Goblin Village with a Goblin Shaman who hits hard. If you destroy the huts, three beacons appear. You have to activate them to activate a monument in the northwest, where a Book of Decay can be found. It is guarded by a Red Wyrm. There is also a Healing Dust +100 in the village.

To the northwest of your own base, there is a second base of the Lizardmen tthat is optional to destroy, but it has an abundant resource deposit. Between that base and your own, a large army of Striders is patrolling that should be destroyed separately.

The map is dotted with Green Wyrms that can be challenged with the newly gained Stalkers.

When the High Priest is dead, the map is extended. But watch out, he does 90 poison damage, has loads of hit points and an Aura of Torture that depletes all units' health constantly. Moreover, the circle on the ground where he is standing, is cursed. Any unit entering it dies instantaneously.

In the new part of the map, there is a key to get to the Seal. There are also Sneakers that are permanently invisible and Water Serpents. You have to destroy a structure to make the Sneakers mortal and defeat them.