Chamber of Screams is the 12th and last mission in the Fallen Campaign.

Plot Edit

Domina helps the Avatar of Darkness to open the third and last Seal. This one also opens the Chamber of Screams, where the two Fathers of Darkness were incarcerated by Ruannon.

Quests Edit

  • The Third Seal
    • Guide Domina and two Matriarchs to the lock
    • Defend Domina and the Matriarchs while opening the lock
    • The Avatar of Darkness must survive
    • Domina must survive
    • Kill the Renegade Mages
    • Guide the Avatar of Darkness into the Portal

Hints Edit

This mission is - for a last mission - quite simple. You can build here for the first and only time Beholders. Produce an army of them and mow down your enemies.

When these are gone, you can open the Third Seal with Domina and two Matriarchs. You should gather your army there because Ruannon's order is mobilizing it's last reserves to stop the Fallen. Renegade Mages spawn constantly that are extremely strong and will disturb the Matriarchs at their ritual. In this battle, several Beholders will die.

The breaking of the Seal takes 5 minutes.

It is not necessary to destroy the Empire and Beast bases. It is recommended, though.