In Armies of Exigo, there is a highly complex system to distribute damage. There are the following types:

Type Description Example
Swing Swords, Blades etc. Swordsman
Bash Clubs, Maces, Siege attacks Ogre
Pike long spears Pikeman
Pierce Arrows Elf Ranger
Fire Elementary damage Demon
Cold Elementary damage, target is slowed down Nightmare
Poison Elementary damage, target takes additional damage over time Wyvern
Heal Describes a healing effect, i.e. hitpoints are filled up Priest
Support Describes spell affectability. If a unit has 0 % here, it is immune to spells all casting units
Harm Life drain. Damage on target fills the hitpoints of the attacker. No effect on buildings Matriarch
Lightning Elementary damage Beholder
Buildings This damage type only damages buildings Avenger
Summoned This damage type only works on summoned units Totem