Dark Treachery is the 6th mission in the Empire Campaign.

Plot Edit

Alric do Rei departs for his meeting with count Vangarath, with Dunehelm telling him his bad premonitions. And indeed, Vangarath has Alric detained. Dunehelm has to dispatch his army to free Alric.

Quests Edit

  • Vangarath's treachery
    • Destroy the traitor's castle!
    • Dunehelm must survive
  • Liberate the village (optional)
    • If we defeat the big white wolf, the whole village will be on our side.

Hints Edit

Some extras are hidden here. To the east of your base, there are some captured Dryads. If you free them, they join your forces and from then on, you can build them in the Elven Santuary. There is also a Mercenary Camp in this region.

To the west of your base, there is an entrance to the underground. There, a few rats and spiders lurk. When you have defeated them, you can obtain some useful items (see below). On the other end of tthis tunnel, there is a resource deposit where you can build a second base and an opportunity to encircle Vangarath.

The enemy base is not easy to conquer. He has many towers on high ground that will confuse melee units and there is a hero knight unit that is quite powerful.

The side quest is rather irrelevent. You get three Peasants.

Items Edit