Dead Moors is the 7th mission in the Empire Campaign. Here, you have no base.

Plot Edit

Dunehelm has to fight his way through the Greylin Moors to reach the heartlands of Vangarath's dominion. There, he encounters, among other things, bandits, a crazy old mage, Swamp Goblins and the Troll Hunters, that will prove to be valuable allies.

Quests Edit

  • Traverse Greylin Moors
    • Guide Dunehelm across the moors
    • Dunehelm must survive
  • Lost in the swamp
    • Find the lost Troll Hunters
    • Reunite the Troll Hunters with their leader

Hints Edit

This mission is relatively tricky because there is no possibility to heal your units, apart from scattered Healing Runes. It is important to use Dunehelm effectively, because he is the strongest unit in the mission. There are Mercenary Camps scattered across the map. Please note: The treasure chests that you need to hire mercenaries are well hidden in part. It is recommended to hire the Dark Ranger, if possible. He is strong, slows units and can become invisible.

The side quest is vital because Te Morne and his Troll Hunters are very good melee units.

The crazy mage casts Decree continuously. If you kill him, you will obtain three Lightning Staffs that you can cast Decree yourself with.

The Hydra is the very last monster in this mission. It does 120 damage per attack. To halve this, you have to destroy the goblin village that is a bit outlying. There, you can drink from a magic potion that will make all units immune to poison damage.

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