Desperate Rescue is the 8th mission in the Empire Campaign.

Plot Edit

Dunehelm and Lady Tierna attack Vangarath's fortress, where Alric do Rei is kept prisoner.

Quests Edit

  • Rescue Alric
    • Destroy Vangarath's Prison Tower to release Alric
    • Dunehelm must survive
    • Lady Tierna must survive
  • Alric's Companions (optional)
    • Release all of the prisoners

Hints Edit

This mission is quite tricky. Additionally to Dunehelm (who is back on his horse again), you have Lady Tierna and two Valkyries (that you have to keep a close eye on, since you cannot replace them). You should use Tierna for defensive purposes at a max.

At the very beginning, there is an attack with rebels and also a dispatch from Vangarath. This will kill most of your units at the start. It is important to start producing units in the Barracks right away and see that you can build a Temple as fast as possible.

There is another resource deposit very close in the north of your main base. This should be exploited as soon as possible.

There is an enemy base to the north that keeps sending rebels. One base to the southwest sends Steam Birds in increasing numbers that will become quite a threat over time. Furthermore, there are Gnome Arks coming from Vangarath with quite an army that land, where your defense is the weakest (e.g. your woodcutters).

It is advised to first destroy the two smaller bases, before you take on Vangarath directly. Upon destruction of the castles, a pretty strong Hero Knight appears that insults Dunehelm.

Vangarath's fortress is separated from your base by a river and it is encircled with Watch Towers, further complicating a successful landing. You have to send at least three Gnome Arks at a time to create a proper beachhead.

The side quest is moderately important. You get five Renegade Mages and a few Items.

In the middle of the map is an Emerald Tower that can cast Poison Fog if garrisoned.