Dragonfire Fields is the 11th mission in the Empire Campaign.

Plot Edit

Alric re-enters the war against the Beasts. He meets Inquisitor Belloq for the first time. With his help, he wants to breach the Beasts' rows in order to move forward to Margoth.

Quests Edit

  • The Gorge
    • Destroy all three Beast settlements
    • Alric must survive
  • Rain Towers (optional)
    • Repair all of the Rain Towers

Hints Edit

This mission is difficult again, since the Beasts have four bases in total, of which one cannot be reached by land.

The side quest is quite simple as there is no resistance to be expected near the Druid's towers. You can just put a Peasant into a Gnome Ark, fly around and repair those towers. Upon completion, you get a global lightning spell that deals 200 damage and recharges within ten seconds.

In the underground, there is a tiny Fallen base with some useful resources. Moreover, there is a firewall to the northwest that kills all units that touch it. Here, you can find a major bug (or was this done on purpose?): If you send a unit into the wall and revive it with a Priest, it becomes invulnerable. Then, you can collect the huge treasures behind the firewall and keep producing invulnerable units. Unforunately, this effect is not unlimited and the units eventually die. So, it is not possible to raid all enemy bases with an army of invincible Knights.

Inquisitor Belloq is quite dumb in this mission and keeps sending his units by land towards the Beast bases. They keep dying quickly because there are strategically clever placed Totems in the mountains along the way. It is recommended to dispatch of those with a few Steambirds or the like over the course of the mission.

Tyron Gral summons a Demon every time a Beast base is destroyed. This is, however, not as dramatic as it sounds.

Very close to your own base, there is a Merchant House that produced 5 Gold and 5 Wood every five seconds if garrisoned.