Emerging from Shadow is the 4th mission in the Fallen Campaign. Here, you have no base.

Plot Edit

Domina visits the realm of the Wood Elves where Ruannon's grave lies. There, she hopes to learn, where the sigils are that stand between the Fallen and the Heart of the Void.

Quests Edit

  • The Tomb of Ruannon
    • Locate the Tomb of Ruannon
    • Kill the Lich
    • Domina must survive
  • Guard Posts
    • Pass the four Elf Guard posts
  • Deep Elf Spirits (optional)
    • Destroy the western Elf base

Hints Edit

In this mission, you start with Domina, three Matriarchs, three Nightmares and four skeletons. It is vital that the regular units are kept alive during the whole mission!

Time is a critical factor. Since the skeletons only have a life span of five minutres, you have to proceed quickly. In spite of this, it is still good to search every corner as you can always find potions or other items (see below, of every type, there are several to find). You also find a cemetery where Domina conjures five skeletons that have no limited life span.

Most difficult is the Elven base in the northwest. There are Elven druids that conjure animals of the forest. When they are defeated, the rest of the mission is not hard anymore. Before you enter the grave, there is also a Crypt, like the one in the last mission. You have gathered some resources along the way. Here, you can spend them for Ghosts. They are not as invincible as in the last mission (there are units now that do elemental damage), but you should still not renounce them since the undead in the grave don't produce any usable corpses.

The side quest is - despite the time exposure - important because near the Dryad, you can find three mana potions, among other things. You should give the potions to Domina exclusively because she has a greater mana supply and she needs less mana to summon a skeleton. Upon completion, you get three Spirit Amulets that conjure one Deep Elf Spirit each. These are very useful. With their ability "Destroy Magic", they can kill the skeletons in the grave with one hit.

In the underground, there is also a Yellow Rune Stone in the northeast that you have to collect in order to open the door to Ruannons grave.

Items Edit