The Fallen are a faction in Armies of Exigo.

They originate in another dimension and have to conquer and consume other dimensions for sustenance. Their sovereign is the Dark Dreamer.

It is an alliance of the Fallen from another dimension, Dark Elves and Insectoid creatures.

Their buildings are - as opposed to the other factions - not especially vulnerable to fire, but they can be damaged with all dispel magic kind of spells. The buildings of the sub-factions can be descerned by their distinctive style.

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Characteristics Edit

  • Structures must be built on deformed ground
  • Their buildings build on their own, i.e. you only have to place the foundation and the rest happens without further action by the Summoner
  • They have the strongest regular unit in the game (Beholder)
  • They collectively gain experience in the Soultrap, i.e. all units of the same type are always on the same level
  • They can neither actively heal units nor repair buildings. Instead, any lost hitpoints are slowly but constantly replenished as long as the entity is standing on deformed ground