Field of Sorrows is the 11th mission in the Fallen Campaign. Here, you have no base.

Plot Edit

The Avatar of Darkness and Domina try to cross the Field of Sorrows, where Ruannon and the Two Fathers fought.

Quests Edit

  • Dangerous Journey
    • Guide Avatar and Domina to the Valley
    • The Avatar of Darkness must survive
    • Princess Domina must survive

Hints Edit

Here, you have six Void Walkers. Their Shapeshifting abilities are the key to this mission. It is vital that they survive the whole mission. Moreover, you have four Hive Spitters.

It is important to search the whole map, there is a vast number of useful items to find (see below).

In the underground, there is an Insect Queen that is attacked by Imps. If you save it, you get three additional Hive Spitters.

In the realm of the Chaos Dwarves, a Demonilogist conjures a Magma Lord. It would be hard to beat, but you can let all Void Walkers change into Magma Lords and take apart the dwarves.

The Chaos Dwarves finally bend to the power of the Avatar of Darkness and you get a Hellforge. There, you can hire different Chaos Dwarves as mercenaries.

Afterwards, you come back to the surface. Here, you can find Hive Stingers in an abandoned mine. In the very southwest, there is an orc settlement where you should use all forces you have to destroy it. Then, the mission is accomplished.

Items Edit