Footfalls in Darkness is the 1st mission in the Fallen Campaign.

Plot Edit

Keran Kessertin tries to regain control over several Insect Queens that have managed to elude the thought control of the Fallen.

Quests Edit

  • Construct a base
    • Build a Deformer
    • Build a Hive
    • Order three Summoners to transform into Control Form
    • Train ten Hive Stingers
  • The Insect Queens
    • Guide Keran to each of the unconscious Insect Queens
    • Kill the conscious Insect Queen
    • Keran must survive

Hints Edit

In this mission, you can only train Hive Stingers. You should do that - in masses, as they are very weak.

Keran, unfortunately, is neither very powerful nor robust. You should have him accompanied at any time.

You should leave the eggs near the Insect Queens intact. They will turn into Hive Spitters, once the queen is under control again.

To the west, there is a Web Amulet that you can use to summon spiders.