Might of the Magi is the 4th mission of the Empire Campaign. It is a defensive mission.

Plot Edit

Alric do Rei prepares a spell that will vanquish the Beasts around Margoth. In the meantine, you have to protect the garrison and Alric in particular. The timer is set to 30 minutes.

Quests Edit

  • The siege of Margoth
    • Alric must survive
    • Dunehelm must survive
  • The Siege Catapults are here! (optional)
    • Destroy the siege catapults

Hints Edit

This mission is repeatedly mentioned in internet forums as especially hard. It is not, however. The most imporant thing is to have 3 Barracks that are constantly training units. With the amount of units you obtain from that, you could hold Margoth for a full hour. The resurrection spell of the Priest is extremely useful here.

In this mission you have a Tavern, where you can hire Crossbowmen.

Alric is attacked by Wyverns from time to time. One or two Guard Towers or a few Crossbowmen should keep them in check.

The side quest can be completed with Dunehelm alone. Beneath Margoth, there are quite a few treasure chests. Otherwise, it is not advised to deploy Dunehelm in direct battle, as he dies quickly (and unnoticed), leading to failure of the mission.