Noran in Flames is the 5th mission in the Empire Campaign.

Plot Edit

Alric is sent to the hinterlands of Noran to ask the dukes? for their support. There are 3 Envoys in this mission. The first messenger is sent by duke Bran, the second by count Treyan and the third by count Vangarath. The first two warrant the support of their rulers, while Vangarath invites Alric to his own lands to assure himself that Alric has really survived Margoth.

Quests Edit

  • The Three Envoys
    • Bring Alric to the first Envoy
    • Bring Alric to the second Envoy
    • Bring Alric to the third Envoy
    • Alric must survive
  • Father Julianus' Temple (optional)
    • Escort Father Julianos into the village and garrison him in the temple
  • Rebel Lord (optional)
    • Destroy the occupation army

Hints Edit

This mission is quite easy, since the rebel units are very weak. You have to fight your way to the gradually appearing Envoys (i.e. through the rebel bases between them) and pay attention at Alrics continued survival. In the meantime, your main base is also attacked by rebels from time to time.

The side quest with Father Julianus is very rewarding as you obtain a second base. All rebel units in the base become Peasants once Julianus is in his temple.