There are four resources in the game: Gold, Wood, Gems and Supply. They are all (some more, some less) needed to build structures, train units and to do research.

  • Gold: It is the most important Resource in the game. Some units and technologies cost only gold and there are no units, buildings or technologies that don't cost gld. It is mined from Gold Mines or can be mined together with gems in Mineral Fields underground.
  • Wood: Every building costs a certain amount of wood. Also units and technologies may cost wood. It is obtained by chopping down tress.
  • Gems: They are a supplementary resource that has to be spent primarily on magically gifted units. Many technologies cost gems, too. They can be mined from Gem Mines. These are a bit different from the other resources because the Gem Mine is a building that may be occupied only by one singe worker at any given time. Until he is finished, any other workers have to wait outside. They may also occur together with gold in Mineral Fields, where they can be mined in the same manner as gold.
  • Supply: This resource is the prerequisite for training units.