Revenge is the 12th and last mission of the Empire Campaign.

Plot Edit

Alric wrests Margoth from the hands of the Beasts, where their leaders have gathered. He hopes that by the leaders' death, he can put an end to this war.

Quests Edit

  • Revenge
    • Beast Leaders killed : x / 5
    • Destroy all the Beast buildings constructed at Margoth

Hints Edit

This mission is, like the last one, quite challenging. The Beasts attack almost perpetually and to top it all, you have to destroy their bases, too.

Inquisitor Belloq is also of the party, but he is - apart from some martial lines - as useless as in the last mission.

One Leader is in the base to the west. It specializes on Lizard People.

One Leader is in the base to the north. It specializes on Beast units.

The other three Leaders are in the middle of the map, in the ruins of Margoth. This base does not specialize, it produces the whole range of Beast units. It is perfectly possible to fail when charging the base for the first time. There is also the possibility to attack the beasts through the underground and emerge in the middle of their base.

There is also a Beast base to the northwest that cannot be reached by land. It has specialized on flying units. However, there is no Beast Leader inside, so you can ignore it, if you want.

It is vital to exploit several resource deposits at the same time to be able to produce enough units to win this mission.