Rise of the Phoenix is the 9th mission in the Empire Campaign.

Plot Edit

Alric do Rei and Lady Tierna are traversing the Mordanwood when their Gnome Ark is brought down by enemy units. They have to find a new way to escape this forest, where they meet unexpected allies...

Quests Edit

  • Shortcut
    • Find a suitable location to build a base
    • Guide Alric to the exit beacon on the far side of the forest
    • Alric must survive
    • Lady Tierna must survive
  • The Phoenix Orb
    • Find the Yellow Runestone
    • Find the Green Runestone
    • Destroy the Phoenix Orb

Hints Edit

This mission is actually quite easy. You just have to fight your way through the Beast bases to the beacon.

The reward for the second quest is being able to build Phoenices at the Elven Sanctuary and you get the Elder Phoenix. The Green Runestone is to the southwest of the base. The Yellow Runestone is to the West in the underground. In order to get to the dungeon of the mage, you have to destroy a Beast settlement (that doesn't put up much resistance).

The tower of the mage Zahn is to the northwest of the base and grants the ability to cast Decree with a Cooldown of 3:30 minutes.

A few Hive Stingers and Hive Spitters lurk in the underground. This is the first time to encounter the Fallen in the campaign.