Road to Margoth is the 2nd Mission in the Empire Campaign.

Plot Edit

You try to reach the village of Ansraade to be able To deliver more resources to Margoth.

Quests Edit

  • Base Defense
    • Build a Barracks
  • Upgrade War gear
    • Build a Blacksmith
  • Beast Encampment
    • Locate and destroy the Beasts and their camp
  • Hidden Resources
    • Locate Beast campsites and recover three resource caches

Hints Edit

To the north-west, there is a merchant that is threatened by three Warriors. If you kill these, he hands his Merchant Wagon over to you that gives a trickle of 5 gold and 5 wood every 5 secinds.

To the west of the settlement you can find a Ruined Tower that grants a wide vision range over the map.

After some time, two Elf Rangers come and tell you that Ansraade has been destroyed and that you have to raze the Beast camp there.

The hidden resources are quite useful. One cache is to the very west, one is in the middle of the map and one is to the north-west.

A small extra is hidden near the hidden resources by the river. If you cross it and explore the other bank, you can get three Healing Potions +100 and 1 Winter Amulet.

Bug: There is a spot to the west by the river where the pathfinder fails. It can happen that units get stuck there.