Taming the Three Tribes is the 2nd mission in the Beast Campaign.

Plot Edit

The three tribes that Dragga was searching for, were taken over by Witches that refuse the call to war. He has to dispose of all three in order to subdue the tribes.

Quests Edit

  • Rebellious Tribes
    • Kill all Witches
    • Kill Ul-rag Ur
    • Dragga must survive

Hints Edit

To the south of your base, there is a Warehouse that grants a constant trickle of resources if it is garrisoned. There are also four Stone Golems to find there.

First and most important is to build a defense made of Totems. Afterwards, you should defeat the Ogres to the east. There are also some resources there. It is important to concentrate your attacks on Ul-rag-Ur. Upon his defeat, all other units will turn neutral.

To the west, there are three neutral Harpy Nests that you should conquer next.

To the northeast, there is a Diamond Tower that is guarded by three Dark Rangers.

When all this is accomplished, you can tend to the Witches and their tribes.

Fun Fact: The situation found in this mission is caused by the Fallen killing Grogan Khan in the mission The Reckoning.