Teonia is the 6th mission in the Fallen Campaign.

Plot Edit

Keran requests admittance to the land of the Teonians.

Quests Edit

  • Bridge Combat
    • Guide Keran to the Beacon

Hints Edit

This mission is quite easy if you have the correct approach. You have 35 minutes time to build a base and an army before Alric arrives with his relieving army.

The Teonians attack regularly with a Gnome Ark. They land, where your defense is the weakest, and especially near your Harvesters. In this case, it is better to build a mobile defense instead of Lightning Spires.

The map itself is divided in three parts. You start in the first part. In the second part, there is a small Teonian base, three Orbs of Lightning and a Cold Staff that you should definitely collect.

Upon Alric's arrival, you should immediately take to your heels and destroy the base in part two. For later, you need at least five Void Walkers.

Then, you should destroy the bridge behind you because otherwise, Alric's army will keep attacking.

In the second part of the map, there are also some Harpy Nests that spawn the White Harpies that keep attacking your base.

Then, you can repair the next bridge and then comes the shrewd part. In the third part, there are a few Mountain Maulers. You have to get there with your Void Walkers and copy them. With these Ogre relatives and the rest of your army, you do a head-on attack on the base to the northeast. It is not important to win this battle!

The knack is to sneak past this battle with Keran (freezing anything that notices him) and to reach the beacon.