The Borderlands is the 1st Mission in the Empire Campaign.

Plot Edit

Alric do Rei orders the shipment of goods to Castle Margoth.

Quests Edit

  • Search Party
    • Locate the Mining Camp
  • Supply Caravan
    • Train a Pack Mule and escort it to the Margoth Road
  • Beast Raiders
    • Kill the Berserker to stop the raiding parties

Hints Edit

This is the very first Mission in the Single Player of Armies of Exigo. You start with a few Swordsmen, one of which is on Level 5. On the way to the village you meet a wounded soldier, who tells you what happened. You should go a bit off the beaten track to discover a Healing Potion +100 and a treasure chest.

Once you have arrived in the village of Heyl, you should immediately start to build a few Farms and a Barracks. The Beasts are rather relentless in this mission and attack continuously. Very early, some Warriors come out of the forest and attack the Peasents at the gold mines (only once, luckily). You should systematically build an army and kill the Berserker.

Only then you should train the mule and send it on ist way, otherwise it dies really quickly.