The Dwarven Gate is the 3rd mission in the Fallen Campaign.

Plot Edit

Princess Domina tries to destroy the Dwarven Gate that should imprison the Fallen and the Deep Elves underneath the surface forever. She has taken over this mission because she has an axe to grind with the dwarves...

Quests Edit

  • The Dwarven Gate
    • Establish a base
    • Domina must reach the Gate
    • Domina must survive
  • Dwarven Sanctuary
    • Kill all Dwarf defenders
    • Destroy the Dwarf Sanctuary
  • Dwarven Treasures
    • Find the Dwarf Treasury
    • Collect all treasures

Hints Edit

This mission is the only one where you meet the dwarves. They are not very hard to defeat.

The secret to this mission is the Crypt to the south. There, you can train Ghosts, that do 10 damage and have all damage modifiers for physical damage at 10%. This makes them de facto invincible. Just gather an army of ghosts and unleash them upon the dwarves. Then, this mission is won.

The side quest with the dwarven treasure is highly recommended. When you find it, the dwarves are fighting a demon. It is best to let them proceed in order to weaken their forces before you defeat them completely. The Gold is a welcome bonus.

The gate and the base of the dwarves are not reachable in the beginning because they are surrounded by a magical field that kills all units immediately. Only if you destroyed the Sanctuary of Earth, you can pass.