The First Seal is the 7th mission in the Fallen Campaign.

Plot Edit

Keran Kessertin invades deeply into the lands of the Teonians, towards the ice cave where the First Seal lies.

Quests Edit

  • The First Seal
    • Guide Keran to the cave entrance
    • Colect 10000 wood
    • Keran must survive

Hints Edit

Here, you have to be smart. In the very beginning, there is an attack of White Eagles. They are hard to beat, but Keran is helpful with his Freeze ability. Afterwards, the first attack by the Teonians is launched. So, in the beginning of the mission, don't tech too much, but rather build Hive Spitters and Nightmares.

It is not necessary to destroy the base of the Teonians. (This is not recommended anyway because upon sight, four Holy Avengers set off to your base).

There are Woodpiles with 500 wood each scattered across the map. With a Seeker, you can collect them without having to fight against the patrolling units.

To the east of your base, there is a second resource deposit for founding an outpost. You should exploit that.

In order to complete the mission, you have to train an army of Hive Guards and fly to the northeastern corner of the map. There lies the entrance of the ice cave that is guarded by Renegade Mages and Obelisks of Fire. The latter are very strong (75 fire damage and 2500 hitpoints) and you should not underestimate them. After you created a breach, Keran can mount an Aerial and fly to the cave.