The Last Queen is the 2nd mission in the Fallen Campaign.

Plot Edit

Keran tries to wrest the last Insect Queen from the hands of the Deep Elf Lord Shaiton. He unexpectedly meets Princess Domina, who immediately proposes an alliance, if Keran helps her ascend the Deep Elf throne.

Quests Edit

  • The Lost Insect Queen
    • Build a Soultrap
    • Gather 1000 experience points in the Soultrap
    • Bring Keran to the Insect Queen
    • Keran must survive
  • Rivalry
    • Kill Lord Shaiton
    • Domina must survive

Hints Edit

This mission is a bit dogdy, because the Deep Elves attack with a very high frequency. You have to set up your base and defences quickly. Moreover, the resources in your base are rather scarce, so you have to go looking for other resource deposits quickly. A possible spot lies to the northwest of the map.

Lord Shaiton has an outpost in the middle of the map.

To the northwest, there is a corridor, where Keran says that it is dangerous. There is, however, just a small monster that is easy to defeat. There are no items there, either.