The Mines of Malrinor is the 5th mission in the Fallen Campaign.

Plot Edit

Keran tries to fight his way to the surface and into the lands of the Teonians.

Quests Edit

  • Capture Gate
    • Destroy the elevator's Control Tower
    • Keran must survive
    • Bring Keran to the surface with the elevator

Hints Edit

This mission is rather difficult because the Humans can spawn at any point in the underground with the help of their Mining Teams. This means they can attack from any side.

Resources in your own base are rather scarce. There is the possibility to expand to the north and the southwest.

In the middle of the map, there is a small outpost of the Empire. This one must be destroyed.

The solution to this mission are Hive Guards. You have to build a pretty large army of them. Then, you fly to the very southwest of the map, where there is a conduit to the surface that only flying units can pass. The Control Tower is in the very northeast, which means, you have to cross the entire surface map with the Hive Guards. The direct way is unwise because there are Manticores (without Riders) around that will roast your Hive Guards in no time with their fire splash damage.

You have to move on the very edge of the map. Don't get distracted by some scattered towers. The elevator is guarded by a lot of Guard Towers (this is why you need a lot of Hive Guards). These have to be disposed, Keran hovers to the northeast, into the elevator, mission accomplished.