The Reckoning is the 9th mission in the Fallen Campaign.

Plot Edit

Vangarath has travelled to the very south of the Howling Plains in search of the Second Seal. He is stopped by three tribes.

Quests Edit

  • Ill-fated Leaders
    • Leaders killed: x/3
    • Vangarath must survive

Hints Edit

This mission is needs a bit of know-how.

The river between the own base and the Beasts is heavily guarded and not passable with your current unit set. Even if you make it across the river, you will be defeated ashore.

The secret is the small Beast base, on your side of the river. You have to copy a Minion and build a Stronghold. This way, you obtain your own Beast tribe.

This is the point where it becomes complicated. You have to tech up until you can build Warlocks. With them and a few Void Walkers, you have to go to the underground. There are a two Ogre Maulers that are defeated quickly. Under each base, there is a large open area underground and this is where the powers of the Warlocks and the Void Walkers come to play. The Beast Leaders always make the same tour around three points. They stop at each waypoint for a short period of time. When the Leader does that, you have to freeze him with a Void Walker casting a Fog of Death. Then, a Warlock (or several) cast so many Meteor Strikes until the Leader is dead. You do that with all three Leaders and the mission is accomplished.

If you want to go a different way, you can copy a Seeker with a Void Walker, burrow to the enemy base, open a dimensional gate and send your army through. This is, however, very resource- and time-consuming and the army you have built will be annihilated (three times).