The Red Hills is the 1st mission in the Beast Campaign. Here, you have no base.

Plot Edit

Dragga sets off for the three tribes that have refused the call of Tyron Gral. On his way, he crosses the realm of the Orcs.

Quests Edit

  • Call to Arms
    • Guide Dragga to the Ungladyr tribe
    • Dragga must survive
  • Goblin Shaman
    • Rescue the Goblin Shaman

Hints Edit

Being the first mission, it is not especially hard. You just have to follow the way and search in every corner. The side quest with the Goblin Shaman is vital to your success!

In the underground, there is a Weirding Stone besides a lot of potions and treasure chests. Before the exit, there is a large Spider army. It is recommended to use the stone here.

Shortly before the end, there is a Revive Altar where you can bring back your dead units before fighting the last battle near the Ungladyr tribe.

Best practice is to let Dragga go first. This way, the monsters only attack him. He is the strongest unit in the mission and Healing Potions give him twice as many HP.

Items Edit