Tightening the Noose is the 3rd mission in the Empire Campaign.

Plot Edit

Alric do Rei fight his way to Margoth. On the way, he meets new allies...

Quests Edit

  • March to Margoth
    • Guide Alric to Margoth
    • Alric must survive
    • Guide Dunehelm to Margoth
    • Dunehelm must survive

Hints Edit

You start only with Alric and a few units. First, you have to go to the north, where you have to avoid some Ogres. Two of them can be killed with rocks on a cliff (you are advised to do so). Afterwards you meet Dunehelm Bellangere for the first time. Together with him you have to dispose of a larger troop of Beasts. To the east, there is a Winter Amulet and to the west, there are some trasure chests and a healing rune. Then, you have to go underground.

You should first head east, where you emerge near a neutral Temple and get two Priests for the first time. Then, you can head underground for the west. A few skeletons wait there and afterwards, you reach the village of Rivos. As soon as you have repaired all the burning buildings, you should destroy the small Beast camp to the east, otherwise, there will be attacks once in while from this direction. There is an Arena and four treasure chests.

The Beasts attack relentlessly from the north. You have to build a small army and deploy it right in front of the Beast base to the north. Then, you can send Dunehelm into the base. He can destroy it almost on his own. When you have destroyed the southern part of the base, you can occupy the Trebuchet and destroy the northern half of the base with it. Then, you just need to get to the beacon and the mission is completed.

Items Edit

  • Winter Amulet